Clock Range

The first clock was introduced to the Baroque Designs range in early 2003. Since then the collection has grown to include a number of unusual and eye-catching wall and mantle clocks. Julien designs, sculpts, casts and polishes each piece. The faces have raised numbers and are all hand painted by the artist, and all the clocks have an AA battery operated mechanism.

Inspired by Dali, warped clocks

Splitty Clock

New for 2015

Splitty Clock - £35

Timeslip II Mantle Clock
Timewarp 14
Timeslip IV Mantle Clock
Soft Mantle Clock
Medium Soft Mantle Clock
Scroll Mantle Clock
Another Scroll mantle clock
Small Soft Wall Clock
Scroll Wall Clock
Large Soft Wall Clock
Timepod I Mantle Clock
Time Pod II
Small Soft Carriage Clock
Medium Soft Carriage Clock
Large Soft Carriage Clock
Timeslip III Mantle Clock
Timeslip V Mantle Clock
Timeslip VI Mantle Clock
Timeslip VII Mantle Clock
Timeslip VIII Mantle Clock
Time Slip IX
Timewarp II Mantle Clock
Timewarp III Wall Clock
Timewarp I Mantle Clock
Timewarp IV Mantle Clock
Timewarp V Mantle Clock
Timewarp VII Mantle Clock
Timewarp VIII Mantle Clock
Timewarp IX Mantle Clock
Timewarp X Mantle Clock
Time Warp XI
Time Warp XII
Cross Clock
Deep One Clock
Large Timewarp Mantle Clock
Timeslip I Mantle Clock
Large Nouveau Mantle Clock
Timewarp VI Mantle Clock
Timeslip X

Owl Clocks

Owl 2 gift clock Owl 3 gift clock
Owl 1 gift clock Owl 4 gift clock Owl 5 gift clock Owl 6 gift clock

Inspired by Dali Acceptance Mark View Basket

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