Between 1996 and 2004, over 100 Gothic and Art Nouveau inspired designs were developed by Baroque Designs for the retail giftware market. Each piece was designed and sculpted by Julien and hand cast in resin with various polished metal finishes available. Around 25,000 units were produced before the Clock designs superseded them in 2005. This archive shows a selection of favorite discontinued items, as well as some examples of limited edition and one off pieces.

Limited Edition & One of A Kind

Nightbreed Candelabra Water Nymph Statue Deco Disk Mirror Victory Mirror Portal Mirror
Portal Glass Portal Portal Conjurer Incubi Phosgene Bodies Coffee Table

Discontinued Sculptures

Moon Goddess Candelabra Moon Fall Statue Moon Goddess Plaque Moon Goddess Mirror Nouveau Night Light Triple Goddess Scrying Bowl Triple Goddess Candelabra Triple Goddess Plaque
Greenman I Plaque Greenman II Plaque Greenman III Plaque Greenman IV Plaque with Mirror Greenman V Plaque Treebeard Plaque

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